Monday, February 23, 2015

What I don't understand about Willie Soon...

By now it is old news that famous climate change denier Willie Soon has taken massive amounts of money from dirty large energy companies.

What completely baffles me is how that influences his research - if he is really a scientist.  If he is really a scientist, and the evidence clearly shows that climate change is being caused (or influenced, or goosed, or forced) by human activities including massive use of fossil fuels, then how can he reach the opposite conclusion?

This piece talks about "ideological filters," and it's a cogent argument, as far as it goes.  The puzzling bit is that a scientist - a real scientist, practicing science the way it is intended to be practiced, with a clear eye and a passion for rooting out bias - could not recognize his or her own ideological filters and set them aside.

In Stephen Jay Gould's excellent book "The Mismeasure of Man" he discusses the 19th century "science" on race that led to incorrect - and horrifying - conclusions about differences in intelligence among the human races.  Mismeasuring - misrepresenting - confirmation bias - the book is full of fascinating examples of scientists who massaged their data to "prove" what they already believed.

And I get that.  But at the time that science was being done, pretty much everyone believed that there were differences among races that included differences in intelligence and aptitude.  Those beliefs were WRONG.  Stark, staring, raving MADLY wrong.  But that was majority opinion.  So confirmation bias and massaging of data makes more sense at that time and in that context.

Meanwhile, Willie Soon is selling his scientific integrity to the highest Big Oil Bidder at a time when majority consensus - when the overwhelming pressure of the fact-checked, thoroughly-vetted EVIDENCE - is that climate change is a fact, and that humans are its proximate cause.  Which makes him absolutely disgusting and wicked.  If Willie Soon is a real scientist - and he must be, b/c, look where he works! - then he is setting aside his principles and the true meaning of science and attempting to lead Americans (and the world) down a sure path to destruction - for money.  For filthy lucre.

The stink is horrifying.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

So what action are you going to take today on climate change?

I have been tweeting like mad, and feeling frustrated as hell that I am not doing action in the real world. 

The climate march was amazing - incredible - miraculous, practically - but what the heck has happened since then?

It's time for something else concrete.  As citizens, we have the power of our vote (sort of... gerrymandering...) and the power of our bodies, which we can, and should, be throwing in front of oil trains and Senatorial offices.

Big oil money will continue to drown us out if we don't get off our butts and take to the streets.

Even then, chances seem slim that anything will be done in time to prevent the worst ravages of climate change.  Deniers with lots of oil money and plenty of power are blasting the message that "there are many more urgent competing priorities" - and there are NOT.

So where's the next huge  march?  The last one actually moved the dial.  Let's do it again!

Deniers! Find yours - call 'em out!

This excellent resource from the President is back!  Find your denier in Congress and tweet them like crazy.

What's that thing they say about politicians?  Oh - right!  That they're all like weathervanes.  So let's huff, and puff, and BLOW their minds open!


New year, new resolve.

And new horrifying news.  Not that anyone should be terribly surprised.  The stink of Big Oil money is thick around most deniers, including our old friend Jim Inhofe.

Who, BTW, you should tweet and tweet and TWEET.  Not in any hope that he will change his mind - but it will give his staff something to do.  And to think about.  His Twitter handle is easy: @jiminhofe!  You could maybe even attach this meme to your tweets!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's a FACT. Let's ACT.

I just found this blog, and haven't had a chance to check it completely out.  The basic premise seems sound, though.

And if you are wondering who Anthony Watts is, and why there seems to be a link to his website in every tweet you get from a denier - well, there's your answer!

I personally am going to tweet the meme on the left, together with a link to the settled science blog, to every denier on this list.  (Well, except for Michele Bachmann.  ;-)

I apologize in advance for how BORING my Twitter feed is about to become!

And hey - anyone want to join me?

With all the flooding in Florida...

You'd think Rick Scott and Marco Rubio would get a clue.

At least Rick Scott met with some scientists.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

More memes...

In case you would like even MORE of my pesky #peoplesclimate memes... here are a couple additional pix!

The little brick building with the flag in front of it is the Senior Center in Charles City, Iowa, where my mother lives.  They may have voted for crazy lady Joni Ernst for Senate - but Iowans still don't deserve to suffer from runaway climate change.  ;-)