Sunday, February 22, 2015

So what action are you going to take today on climate change?

I have been tweeting like mad, and feeling frustrated as hell that I am not doing action in the real world. 

The climate march was amazing - incredible - miraculous, practically - but what the heck has happened since then?

It's time for something else concrete.  As citizens, we have the power of our vote (sort of... gerrymandering...) and the power of our bodies, which we can, and should, be throwing in front of oil trains and Senatorial offices.

Big oil money will continue to drown us out if we don't get off our butts and take to the streets.

Even then, chances seem slim that anything will be done in time to prevent the worst ravages of climate change.  Deniers with lots of oil money and plenty of power are blasting the message that "there are many more urgent competing priorities" - and there are NOT.

So where's the next huge  march?  The last one actually moved the dial.  Let's do it again!

Deniers! Find yours - call 'em out!

This excellent resource from the President is back!  Find your denier in Congress and tweet them like crazy.

What's that thing they say about politicians?  Oh - right!  That they're all like weathervanes.  So let's huff, and puff, and BLOW their minds open!