Monday, March 31, 2014

So we had Earth Hour...

So we had Earth Hour… now what?

America did what America so predictably does.  We had a splashy celeb-studded “event.”  Reports say that a billion folks participated, enthusiastically, in this feel good event.  No - that wasn't just Americans, obvy.  ;-)

Our Big Beloved Stars did their bit, all the while hawking their wares – didn’t I see Jamie Foxx talking up Earth Hour whilst also shilling for the newest Spiderman?

Instagram caught the dramatic photos of darkened landmarks.  Twitter raged hotly with tweets about the big event for a few days… then that hashtag went dark.

I’m not the only one who feels not-so-vaguely dismissive of Earth Hour.  Here’s a sample opinion piece from The Australian.

And so now here we are, and it’s a couple of days later, and all of the hubbub and shouting has died, and I’m thinking – so?  So now what?

Into this negative space I propose we start talking about Earth Year.  A whole year – a jam-packed annum – of solid ACTION and COMMUNICATION.  Can we keep at it for a year?  Is that too long for the average American attention span?

Here’s a place to start.  We need to get up Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell’s nose about his latest ridiculous scheme.  He’s introduced a resolution to block an EPA proposal that would limit greenhouse gas emissions by new power plants.  Here’s what the NY Times has to say.

His Twitter handle is @McConnellPress – which means, sadly, he may not see our ire on his hand-held device – but his minions will certainly register rage against his meddling. And hopefully keep him apprised of our rage. And maybe – just MAYBE – start thinking beyond the end of his nose, which right now is plowed up into the crac… oh, I won’t go there.  But you get the picture.

Tweet the man!  Get all up in his grille!  If he thinks those sensible EPA regulations will be a "disaster for Kentucky," he ain't seen nothin' yet.  He's predicting disaster?  Climate change will be a disaster.