Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mother Jones' Blue Marble Report

Here's a headline that should make your (already on fire) hair stand on end:  
Less Arctic Ice-->Less Sunlight Reflected Back-->Even Less Arctic Ice

You a little freaked out by that too?  Check out the piece here.  It's short but scary - with more in-depth reportage to come.  Key quotes:
"While there is no base-line left to study in the Arctic..."  WTF?  No base-line left?  That in itself speaks volumes about the damage we have already inflicted. 
And, "In some ways I feel that the scientific community simply can't respond quickly enough to sort all these issues out."  Farewell, charismatic megafauna.

We humans are fairly charismatic, too - at least, to ourselves.  How well do you think we'll fare when all the sea ice has melted?  Just wondering...