Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Draft National Climate Assessment!

Here it is!  This is the draft report that, over at Mother Jones, Chris Mooney seems to think will kick the average American's butt into High Scared Gear about climate change.

Me?  I am not so sanguine.  I hate to sound like Jeremy Clarkson (who, when asked if he'd ever met an American named Jeremy, retorted, "No, it's too complicated - there's three syllables) but I think it needs to come with pictures and simple examples.  I doubt one in fifty Americans will even hear about the report, much less navigate to it, click the proper links and read - really READ - what's contained therein.

And frankly, we mostly don't know enough science to really grok what the report lays out.  Ask the average American what a 10 degree annual temperature rise will do to the climate, and they're likely to answer that it will just make things nice and summery, and ooh! they do wish they were in Florida right now.

I know I sound crabby.  I am crabby.  I am the person you are referring to when you say "Oh ye of little faith."

Folks - if we don't do something now, ONE OF THESE IS YOUR CAR: