Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Just a snippet from the manifesto...

Why, I suddenly wondered, is anyone talking about ANYTHING ELSE? 

The economy?  Very important, but irrelevant if we are sloshing around in toxic bilge water. Women’s rights?  So dear to my heart as to be almost the bones of me, and yet similarly irrelevant if we are re-re-re-re-building after the latest Super Storm or Horrific Wildfire.  Right to work legislation?  I've been practically a Wobbly since my Da indoctrinated me as Union Forever when I was knee-high to a tadpole, but that issue pales in comparison to the possibility that, if we don't do something NOW, the American West is going to be uninhabitable: 114 degrees in the shade with raging, unquenchable wildfires.  Poverty?  Poverty now isn't a patch on what we'll see if we don't stop or reverse climate change now.

Here's a photo from ABC Action news.  Google search was "aftermath of superstorm Sandy."

And in fewer years than I care to think, an appropriate caption might be "Clear day, view of my lovely back yard!"