Thursday, October 3, 2013

So, what's so bad about climate change, anyway?

I mean, most folks love summer, right?

Back in July, Climate Progress ran an interesting top ten list of the things climate change is making worse RIGHT NOW.

In August, Science published a study on climate change impacts on global food security. So - climate change is powering a potential return to mass food insecurity - and we aren't even yet close to fixing food insecurity for the first time so we can "return" to it!

Here's an excellent resource from National Geographic on the sometimes surprising effects of climate change - it's been up for awhile, but is very worth revisiting.

Today, the Guardian reports on how climate change is sending the health of our oceans "spiraling downward faster than previously thought." Oceans = seafood, for one thing. Also immense food webs that power life across the planet. You know - little things like that.

Here's a picture of the view from the approach to the Deception Pass Bridge. It's a lovely picture. Can't say how long Deception Pass will look like this.