Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Twitter Rally, May 1 at 9:00am EST

Then we march on Washington - in... when?  September?  I'd like to do it on Monday, September 22nd, for personal reasons... but don't folks normally march on Washington on a weekend?  How about September 20th?

I joined my first Twitter rally a couple of weeks ago, against HR 4302: Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014.  It felt powerful and exciting to be tweeting with others who were demanding this bill be voted down!

And it was signed into law on March 26th.

So.... not the greatest experience my first time 'round.

Still, any time one disses Twitter, someone is sure to pipe up, "But - Arab Spring!"  So it seems to make a difference in some situations.  Probably not the best tool for making Congress budge on climate change legislation - but perhaps a tool to rally support for a September march on Washington?

Something has to give.  Doesn't it?