Friday, April 4, 2014

What do we want?

What DO we want?

Do we want action on climate change itself? Or action on mitigation plans? Or do we want both? Or do we just want to comment and add our shrill hysteria to the rising tide of voices that are TALKING and not DOING?  Do we want to FEEL like we're making a difference without actually putting anything at all on the line?

It feels appallingly apparent that we aren't going to get any action out of Washington DC - with the exception of some Executive Orders from President Obama - if we don't raise a holy stink.

But where is that holy stink coming from? Who is out there agitating? Where's the action in the streets?

I "took to Twitter" (gawd I hate that phrase) again this morning and had my usual grumpy epiphany about how it’s just an echo chamber in there. Me sending passionate, earnest tweets about climate change refugees. You sending passionate, urgent tweets about reframing the issue as one of food scarcity, or poverty, or global conflict. (And the occasional troll, demanding answers.)

Of course we did just have Earth Hour. So that’s something.

But where is the action? Where are the protesters? Where are the people chaining themselves to the White House fence? Where are the citizens? Where’s our Occupy the Climate movement?

I blog – you blog – he tweets – we tweet – Al Gore tweets (and attends conferences at swank resorts in the Alps).

Are we all going to be thumbtyping as the toxic bilge waters rise and the fires rage and the storms batter down our sea walls and people die in the streets of Peoria of malaria and dengue fever?

Part of me awaits in breathless anticipation to see how this disaster movie plays out.  Most of me is watching the inaction with utter horror.

Because it’s me, too.