Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Somehow this does not warm my heart.

Planet Earth Herald has a piece about how today's kids just want to "sort out" the problems with our planet -and they even mention climate change!

Too bad their ignorant, procrastinating, head-in-the-sand parents and grandparents are apparently consigning them to a grim hellscape of warming, melting, drying, frying, drowning, and being generally storm-tossed.  Because if projections are correct, and we've got about 7 years to "sort out" carbon emissions before we hit a tipping point, the lovely hopeful fired up 7-year-olds of today will only be 14-year-olds when we reach the point that, whatever they do, it won't make a difference.

Even the lovely hopeful tweens of today will be barely into their twenties.  And remember how effective YOU were at changing entrenched government and corporate interests when you were that age?  Uh-huh.  Me too.  If I'd been any damned good at it, we'd have world peace by now.

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy